AboutTen Thousand Things


Ten Thousand Things brings award-winning, high-quality theater to people with little access to the wealth of the arts. This company invigorates ancient tales, classic stories, and contemporary plays through vital, open interactions between actors and non-traditional audiences.

Our performance model

At our performances, audiences experience theater in its most vital, elemental form. We don't use a stage; rather, we perform on the floor inside a circle of chairs, with the lights on so everyone can see each other, with minimal sets and live music. The result is a performance that engages the imagination of our audiences. Through this dynamic exchange, artists and audience breathe new life into theater together reminding us that theater is essential to all of our lives. We do not preach easy answers to life's difficulties and seek to transcend the perceptions of class, race, education and life experience that often divide us.

Our performance locations

Our free performances are at homeless shelters, correctional facilities, low-income senior centers, reservations, after-school programs, women's shelters, and locations in rural Minnesota — any place we can reach people who do not have easy access to the wealth of the arts! We also perform for paying audiences at Open Book and MN Opera Center.


“Ten Thousand Things is about what matters most: kindness to others, particularly the marginalized, and inspiring art.” — Donor


Michelle Hensley
Artistic Director

Stephanie Thompson
Managing Director

Amy Tang
Development Director

Nancy Waldoch
Production Manager

Peter Vitale 
Music Director

Kira Obolensky 
Playwright in Residence

Kathy Graves
Marketing & Media Relations

Brigitte Parenteau
Website Designer & Manager